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This game is a work of fiction and was inspired by the Hakuoki game series. Any names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents mentioned do not have any direct similarity with actual people, locations or organizations.

Clara(name changeable) lives in an isolated village along the outskirts of Fontainebleau, residing with the other people of her kind. She and the rest of the villagers deliberately stay out of politics and the war. Her older brother, Cedric, created a mercenary band with his best friend Leslie, helping the British army. A few years ago, after Cedric's and Clara's parents passed away, he decided to help train Clara how to use swords and guns. 

Sometime in 1814, The french attacked the village, trying to capture as many men as they could, but ended up the killing all the women and children instead. Cedric was able to hide his sister under the trap door of their house, but disappeared soon after. 

This is where her adventure begins.


  • A choice of three guys to raise friendship
  • playable up to end of chapter 1.
  • Three different endings
  • romances(to be added later)



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Got some heavy Outlander vibes from this one, especially when Clara mentioned she has some experience in healing. Although now that I googled the time period in that one, it seems that show happens some decades before this one. This was a pleasant demo to play through! The log call command definitely came in handy. The twist at the end was also surprising!

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Thanks glad you liked. I have many changes happening in the updates to come. :) yeah, I didn't watch outlander until after i had created my story XD. This was first time for me to actually write a story in this kind. I was inspired by many visual novels as well as rpgs like dragon age series. :)