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how the fuck do i leave this goddamn room.

Enjoyed the atmosphere here. The music was appropriate and really set the mood. Perfect amount of gore and bodies to leave you wondering, but no overdone. The mapping was well done and the lighting works with the concept of a horror setting. I can tell there is still quite a bit that needs to be added, but you have an excellent foundation. Are the lamps part of a puzzle? I wasn't sure if something was supposed to happen or not.

I unfortunately hit a game ending crash when I tried to enter the room with the dead lady in the bed, and there are a few passability issues here and there. All in all, however, I think you have an excellent start and I'm really looking forward to seeing how this progresses. Here is the LP:

thanks. I enjoyed watching. The game crashing room has been fixed in the latest version and the passability issues. the lights atm wasjust to light up to room (just something a little thing i cooked up that I thought was cool at the time) maybe used at later date for puzzles. 

But yeah thats all i had in me to make for the prototype at the time. But I have done a few improvements in the latest version, and many more things to be done too.

Again thanks for the amazing LP

What the hell is Rg whatever??? I can't open my game!!!!! This looks super exciting and this pop up about needing something really dissapointing.

If you don't have rpg maker you can download any of the RTP versions. It should work that way. Its what is required to play as it was made in rpg maker vxace.

Yay!! Gonna give this one a try! XD :) Great job, Chibi! :D